All About Shopping Carts

  • September 7, 2018

If you have a website that sells more than one product or service, you will need a shopping cart. A shopping cart allows the consumer to select as many items as they wish to buy and then pay for everything at once. If you only have a Buy Now button for each of your products, your customers will have to go through the payment process for each and every product they wish to purchase and you can lose a lot of sales this way.

However, having a shopping cart installed on your website can actually boost sales by encouraging visitors to keep browsing after they have decided to make a purchase. They can easily select two or more products before signing out and a shopping cart system makes it easy to pay online for all the items in the cart at once.

There is no need to program your own cart program, in fact many web hosts that are aimed at providing service to ebusiness owners already have shopping carts available for you to use. All you need to provide is a merchant account and the prices for everything you want to sell! This is a very easy way to go about setting up an e-store, but you might want more flexibility than the standard host package gives you.

While it might look tempting to pick up a free shopping cart program, there are a few things to keep in mind before you choose one. You often get what you pay for, and that could mean a system that lets you down if you go with a free one.

Services such as PayPal often include free shopping carts with their accounts and tend to be fairly reliable, although they might not have as many features as you would like. What they lack in flexibility is made up for with ease of use, however, since you simply enter some basic data like product name and price and copy the HTML that is produced onto your site for an instant shopping cart button.

A paid shopping cart may charge an initial set up fee or simply per transaction. These usually offer a wide array of options and you can fully customize them. You do need to have some form of merchant account in order to use a paid shopping cart, though. This allows you to connect your account to your new shopping cart and transactions will be done through the merchant account.

A shopping cart is something that you will most certainly need if you plan to make money online with more than just one product or service. You can start out with a free one, if you like, and upgrade later, but it is a necessary part of ebusiness.

The Simple Truth About Shopping Bags

  • September 5, 2018

Those who own a dollar store realize the significant amount of money that can be wasted when a poorly thought out and implemented plan for bagging shopper purchases has been implemented. On the one hand there is the waste of money associated with placing dollar store sales into a shopping bag that is just plain too big for the job. Often shoppers will fish out the small item and toss the shopping bag onto the ground or into a trash can as soon as they leave the store.

On the other hand there is also the waste associated with attempting to use a shopping bag that is too small or light weight for the job. As the customer grabs their purchase, everything comes tumbling through a hole in the bag. After repacking in a more appropriate shopping bag, the customer final gets to leave and those waiting in-line are finally served.

If you own a dollar store, purchase the right sizes and weights to handle all packaging duties for each dollar store sale made in your store. The single most important part of this task is making sure you have the right bags for all dollar store sales made in your store. In fact, be sure you are continually examining ways to cut the number of size options. Look for ways to exchange a seldom used size for one that fills a gap in your store needs. Some of the basic sizes to use are:

T-shirt bags – even t-shirt bags come in varied sizes and weights. Don’t use the lightest weights, as you will soon find everything being double bagged before it leaves your store.

Greeting card size bags – dollar store sales volume associated with greeting cards should continually grow for your store. Avoid spending extra money bagging greeting cards in over sized bags. Purchase a smaller, greeting card sized bag and save.

Extra-large shopping bags – t-shirt bags are the least expensive option to handle most purchases. However shoppers will increase the quantity of items purchased during the holidays. They also often want to make sure items are not visible to their children. Meet this need by having large, solid colored bags for just this purpose.

Very small bags – If you sell a great deal of cosmetics, jewelry and other small items, carrying bags even smaller than those used for greeting cards may be the best and least expensive answer to this need.

Always be on the lookout for the best deals. Shopping bags can add 3, 4, 5-cents or even more to the cost of each dollar store sale made in your store. With hundreds of customers, this becomes significant.

Don’t lose site of the environment. Work to bring in reusable shopping bags. Encourage shoppers to bring their own reusable bags as well. Avoid double bagging unless it is absolutely necessary. Often the cost of a much heavier duty t-shirt bag is small when compared to the costs associated with double bagging purchases.

About Shopping Online For Flowers

  • September 4, 2018

Shopping online for flowers is easy, convenient, and often saves time and money. However some people simply won’t shop for flowers online because they are under the misconception that online flowers are somehow inferior to those you get when ordered from a brick and mortar flower shop. Nothing could be further from the truth. First of all, most online flower shops have connections with brick and mortar flower shops in various cities that make up the bouquets and deliver them. This is really no different than what happens when you order from that flower shop around the corner.

Second, if online florists were not delivering quality arrangements they wouldn’t be in business very long. Whether a business is on line or down the street if the customer is not satisfied with the businesses product and services they simple won’t do business with that company again. A business that has few or no customers doesn’t last long.

Third the chances of getting the exact bouquet you ordered from an online florist is equal to that of ordering from your local flower shop. A lot of people are under the impression that if they make that trip to the flower shop and pick out the bouquet they want to have sent to that friend or relative that lives in another state the recipient of those flowers are going to get that exact bouquet or arrangement they have chosen. This is simply not the case. When you go to your local shop and order a specific bouquet, the flower shop then contacts another local florist in the city where the flowers are to be delivered to prepare and deliver the bouquet. While the second flower shop does try to fulfill the order as specified they may be out of one type of flower and have to substitute. Their personnel may also be less skilled at flower arranging than the shop you are used to dealing with.

All flower shops whether online or local try to give the customer exactly what they order. When that is not possible they try to substitute flowers as near to the original choice as possible even if that means using a more expensive flower to fulfill the order. So you can rest assured that each flower and each bouquet you order from that online flower shop is going to be as beautiful as the florist can make it because their reputation is on the line.

Now that you have gotten rid of all those misconceptions about online florist think of the convenience these shops offer you the customer. You can do your flower shopping from home, have the flowers delivered right to the office or the home of the recipient and even send a card with a special message. Best of all, you don’t have to leave the office or find a sitter to make that trip to the local florist and you pay nothing for gas so you actually save money on the purchase. Now that you think about it aren’t online flower shops a great deal?

About Shopping in Chiang Mai

  • September 3, 2018

The mist-covered highlands of the artistic Chiang Mai Province have long tempted tourists to explore this southern part of the legendary Himalayan mountain range. Primarily drawn north by the sagas of elephants and vine-filled wildernesses, tourists are amusingly distracted by the doorway city of Chiang Mai. However the most unique allure of this northern Thai town has been the shopping, for hundreds of years.

Commercial and Cultural Hub of Asia

Chang Mai spans one of the great crossroads of Asia- southern portion of the Silk Road – merging commerce and culture between segments further north and west in present-day China, Myanmar and Laos. Early caravan traders sold timber, silks and opium. Now, the ‘well-known’ Night Bazaar of Chiang Mai is located a few steps away from the original trade movements that bought opium, silk, tea, musk, dried fruit, ponies and mules, lacquer ware, gold, copper, edible birds’ nests, cotton, betel nut, ivory and tobacco into the region.

Start Planning before Weekends

It is important that you land in Chiang Mai one or two days before the weekend so that you can get the best experience of shopping in Chiang Mai that Thailand has to offer. When the weekend begins, local traders emerge with tempting, colorful displays of homegrown arts and crafts, fashion and jewelry that will leave your moneybag begging for mercy.

Start Shopping Early

You can also look out for the Sunday Walking Street. It offers better than average products and a good taste of provincial culture which can also remind you the itinerant merchant ritual of the ancient Chinese traders. If you arrive early then you will be able to watch the merchants unpack their puffy packs and neatly place their product for displays.

Most of the products sold here are handmade, in and around of Chiang Mai, which include cotton scarves, wood carvings and leather sandals.

Eating While Shopping in Chiang Mai

There is a good chance you would get hungry as you go deep inside, shopping in the streets of Chiang Mai. For you, the temples along the way would host stalls selling flavorsome northern Thai cuisine and other energy boosts with the exchange of small amount of money. You will also find numerous local restaurants waiting for you to serve a wide range of food items to suit your taste.

What you can do after dark?

After dark you can discover some veiled attractions as well. You can find buskers takes over some small spots of the pedestrian path to entertain the tourist with some all-time favorites or new-fangled hits. If you get tired of shopping, you can grab a massage chair where clients are stretched and pulled to give them both pleasure and extra power.

When Everything Shuts Down It Is the Time to Enter the Night Bazar

You will see that when everything else is closing down, the Night Bazaar is lighting up. You can venture to the devoted shopping buildings behind which antique and handicraft stores are bursting with. At the Galare Night Bazaar you will find home d├ęcor and upmarket clothes. The Amusan Market and the Anusan Food Centre are two other common tourist destinations for cottage industry goods and a wide variety of foods respectively.

All About Shopping Cart Customization

  • September 2, 2018

Shopping Cart is software that acts as an online store’s catalog and ordering process. Typically, a shopping cart is the boundary between a company’s web site and its deeper infrastructure, permitting consumers to choose merchandise; review what they have chosen for them selves, make necessary modifications or additions, and purchase the merchandise.

Shopping cart optimization

Understanding your customer’s need, SEO shape your shopping cart in such as way that no one would feel like missing it. You can get complete solution for your customer’s need. SEO Company creates an attractive site with an appealing shopping cart even for beginners. In case you already have a shopping cart for your site, they help you taking the next step of optimization.


o An innovative layout and design.

o A user-friendly customer edge, featuring wide search options that make shopping easy.

o A secure shopping cart fully incorporated with customer data, with a customized shopping experience.

o Comprehensive organizational outlook.

Shopping Feeds Optimization

The quality and size of your shopping feed data file creates a major difference in the traffic from shopping engines. The larger the list and quality is of your product information, the higher would b your traffic and the conversion ration on your site. We have experienced that 30% to 80% traffic of site increases simply from optimizing the quality of product data feed.

Top quality shopping feeds are hard to prepare and required monitoring the most. SEO Companies shopping feed manages this process for you and implements continuing optimization to make your feeds as effective as possible.

Every shopping optimization site accepts data feeds in a slightly different format, uses different name, and a different specification for its data feed format. Difference apart, these data feeds optimization typically requires URL, click-through URL, title, description, body copy and keywords.

Success on evaluation shopping sites needs clean, good data feeds with accurate pricing, undated information and clear product descriptions. SEO Companies normally have simple process towards it. You give one shopping data feed to them and they handle the rest. They establish, optimize, manage and maintain all data feeds. They also maintain an improved level of relationship with the major shopping portals and comparison shopping sites.

Everything I Needed To Know About Shopping

  • September 1, 2018

Ever since I was little girl my grandmother and I would take shopping trips every Sunday afternoon. We would mostly frequent local department stores such as Macy’s, Robinson’s May and Nordstrom’s, however on every third Sunday we would visit “The Boutique’s”. My grandmother taught me everything I know about fashion, she taught me about its trends, its innovators as well as in depth view into the way the fashion industry works; yet the most important thing she taught me was her personal philosophy concerning clothes and their importance to individuals.

“When a woman puts on a beautiful dress she undergoes a transformation.” Although my grandmother never thought that the boons of shopping should be restricted to the estrogen half, she often recited this phrase as if it was her own personal mantra. We used to spend hours trying on different garments, from accessories to event-pieces and evening wear. We would scour through clothing racks looking for textures, intelligent lines and expressive hues, however the final test would always be the way that we would feel in our garments. Grandma would always ask me, “How does it make you feel honey?” And so I would tell her how I felt about it, discussing hems and other tangible factors however the final word concerning my dresses always came from my grandmother. Her barometer was simple, if she saw my spirit singing then we would have to buy the dress. “Life is short…” she would say to me, “and so we must become everything that we want to be right NOW!” My grandmother passed away 5 years ago.