What You Should Know About Shopping

  • January 26, 2019

If 299,999 planes land safely that’s not news. It takes just one to crash and that becomes news around the world and flying is seen as unsafe. Over 100 countries are at peace but the few that are fighting wars make the news. Understandably, a newscaster is not likely to think it’s a lead story to say, “Well, everything went well today. People went to work, returned home, showered, ate and slept. They are expected to get up next morning and do the same thing.” Media has become entertainment. We need to give the people information to excite them or at least to pull at their heartstrings.

The same happens with the Internet. As I watched the news last night, I saw a story about some attempt to defraud clients of a bank online. So some quack decided to “try a thing.” He/she of course got international media attention. The $8 billion that was spent safely on the Internet over the Christmas holidays, however, didn’t get the same kind of attention. So there is a news bias and we need to be aware of it.

It’s important to be alert but there’s no need to panic. The Internet is probably one of the safest places to do business because there is usually very little, if any, human intervention. A credit card is charged, a secure server sends the money to a bank account and the seller in most cases never even sees the number. You can tempt a man but you can’t tempt a computer. It would just do what it is programmed to do. This, of course, means that computers can be programmed to do fraud. This is why it’s important to be on the look out and make sure you’re not the one out of 300,000.

Here are the basics to keep in mind when shopping online:

  • Look for the “https:” which is also known as the Security Certificate (SSL).

  • Search for reviews on the company. Do your homework.

  • If there’s a phone number on the website, call to check if there are real people at the other end.

  • Don’t buy from any merchant who tries to hide his/her identity.

  • Keep a print record of your transaction.

  • Report any fraudulent activity to the relevant authorities of the country from which you bought right away.

  • Beware of businesses from countries with weak fraud laws. Again, research will pay off.The International Internet Authority has a list of countries whose businesses will not get ‘High Assurance SSL Certificates.’ Personally I find the list looks more political than anything else. So I wouldn’t use it as a guide to tell me where to buy from or not. What I would use the list for is to check the honesty of the merchants. If the website says it has a ‘High Assurance SSL’ then I would know for sure that it is being less than honest.

    However, in today’s world with ‘skyboxes’ and Internet telephony, it is easy to fake an address and pretend to be from the U.S.A. for example. In fact the few people I know who have been “burnt” online were defrauded by apparent US-based merchants. Just so you’re aware, I’ll actually tell you about the one I remember: Brooke Distributors out of Miami. Again, just for your knowledge, here’s the list of countries from the IIA: Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Rwanda, Sudan, and Syria.

    Hey, if in doubt about a company from whatever country, just don’t buy.

    Some people have also opted to get a special low-limit credit card solely for Internet transactions. That’s smart too. What I know will be a big hit here is when we get an authorise-per-transaction system. So there’s another Internet Opportunity for you. Talk to your bank and suggest the creation of a credit card that can only be used on an authorise-per-transaction basis. The cardholder would be able to log into his/her account on the Internet and specify, for example, “I am going to buy from X website and I authorise X amount.” So if anything goes wrong, you don’t lose much, but remember the news bias. Out of the 1 million transactions that go well, you’ll only hear about the one that didn’t.

    In this regard, as website owners, it is important that you see things from the other side of the fence as well. What has made you buy online in the past is very much the same that will make others buy from you. In another issue of Internet Opportunities, we’ll go further into details about online shopping for the benefit of merchants.

What You Need To Know About Shopping

  • January 19, 2019

So you need a mortgage. It’s either to purchase a home or refinance an existing one. The process can seem overwhelming; so complicated and overloaded with paperwork. In any case, consumers must understand what they are signing up for considering the significance of the investment.

It is important to know your fico score when shopping for a mortgage since a higher score commands a lower interest rate and more options. This brings me to your credit report. Everyone should know what is on their credit report and any mistakes should be removed promptly. Try to pay more than the minimum balance on your credit cards even if it is only a few dollars more. And,

Ok, so now what type of loan do you need? It seems that there are so many different interest rates and payment options, but it really all comes down to two. The fixed-rate and the adjustable rate (also know as an ARM). ARMs will stay fixed anywhere from 1 month to 10 years and after this fixed period expires, the rate will begin to adjust to meet the current interest rate. A fixed-rate is locked in for the life of the loan. It is my opinion that when fixed-rates are low, like they are now, one should opt for the fixed rate. However, everyone’s needs are different. A 5/1 ARM, for example, might make sense because its rate could be a ½% lower than a 30 year fixed. And, statistics show that a first-time buyer is more likely to move or refinance within the first five years vs. someone buying their third or even fourth house. Don’t just take the lowest interest rate, there is so much more to the story and it is not just the rate in question. Beware of low, introductory rates, pre-payment penalties and/or other fees and points that could amount to thousands of dollars that are “rolled” into your mortgage balance. Look at your whole financial picture and what your new monthly payments will be.

What Everyone Should Know About Shopping

  • January 18, 2019

We tend to take a lot of things for granted, easily disposing of them without knowing that we will still be needing them as points of reference when we go shopping. We forget that there are other important aspects about that which we buy that need to be thought over to avoid the loss of meaning in buying a particular thing.

For instance, when shopping for a good coffeepot, you need to have several things in mind, which will guide your decisions. A kitchen could never be considered complete without a coffeepot in it. It does not even matter whether you prefer buying your own coffee when you go off to work instead of making your own cup in the morning. A coffeepot is considered a necessity, and whether you are buying a new one or you are replacing an old coffeepot, you must first weigh some considerations before making your purchase.

The first thing you should ask yourself is how much you love your coffee or how much of a coffee drinker you are. The making of coffee matters and that goes for how much you will take. Hence, as you consider the type of coffeepot to get, you will have to pitch in the issues of quantity. If you are to be more precise, how many cups of coffee would you want the coffeepot to be able to brew? Naturally, this will also be affected by how many people will be drinking the coffee and how many times the coffeepot would have to be put to work and brew coffee for everyone. The coffee demand should be adequately and promptly met by the coffeepot that you will eventually choose.

Most coffeepots nowadays come with their own alarm system that will let you know, in distinct ways, that the coffee is done. Before buying the coffeepots, make sure that you try out the alarm system. Although it would serve you well in letting you know that the coffee is ready, the sound might just be too much for you. You also have to take into account the types of coffee that will be made. They could be espressos, or cappuccinos or several others. Most manufacturers of coffeepots are now taking all these into account and incorporate as much as they could into the coffeepots. There are now coffeepots which are purposefully for espresso, seeing as it is hugely popular. Most of this can also make the regular cup of coffee. It might cost a lot, but if you have money, you’d be better off with a coffeepot that can prepare a wide variety of coffee.

You will find that you will have an easier time making a decision once you have considered all those factors and issues mentioned above. Keep in mind that different models of coffeepots would mean different specifications and features. Thus, you have to look at them closely. Although it is true that these coffeepots basically have the same purpose, it might be their added features that would eventually convince you to choose one among the rest.

At the end of the day, it will all boil down to one thing: the brewing of the coffee. A very satisfying cup of coffee would have to be brewed to your satisfaction, so that means a certain amount of skill is to be expected. Coffee preparation can be done in various ways, with different satisfactory results. Try to learn about these methods that you can use when making coffee with your coffeepot. Having your own coffee roaster, coffee grinder, or some other appliance that would contribute in giving you freshly ground coffee, that will definitely increase the pleasure you usually have out of your coffee experience.

Factors You Really Should Think About Shopping

  • January 17, 2019

Due to the transform in the vogue industry, a significant proportion of individuals think that the very best way to look fantastic and chic is by sporting costly label clothing. However, this is far from the reality as there are various other low cost alternatives at your disposal that will make you search fantastic and at a more affordable price. What is a lot more, there are several advantages associated with buying for low cost garments. For starters, the most important cause is the reality that they are low cost. To verify this, it is advisable to draw up a chart for all your expenditures. You will note that garments and accessories make up for a significant percentage of the expenses. By opting to get low-cost garments, you get the option to look fantastic and at the identical time, conserve cash.

Contrary to common belief it is crucial to state that accessorizing the garments is far far more important than the brand of garments worn. If you are in a position to pull this off, it will be tough for individuals to note the brand name of the clothes as you finish up hunting chic. It is as a result far more a good idea to team up your clothes with jewelry that tends to make a more pronounced vogue statement.

By opting for low cost clothes, it is also simpler to get much more clothes at a significantly reduced expense. In addition to this, this will also guarantee that you don’t have to fret so significantly about regularly buying new garments. More importantly, it is ideal to state that these clothing are of high top quality and they will give you fantastic service for your funds and they will not fail in delivering the sense of vogue you are looking for.

There are numerous cloth brands that come with reduced end lines and as these, it is easy to discover all manners of collection in these locations. It is exactly for this purpose that it is recommended to consider shopping from this kind of stores in order to make sure that you get the finest doable deals. This arrives in helpful specially for people who are brand conscious and do not want to go more than the budget they have in thoughts although purchasing. At the end of the day, it is crucial to note that clothes can only go so far to outline your personality and as an alternative of spending so much buying for the exact same, it is ideal to opt for less expensive possibilities.