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  • October 6, 2018

What are shop alarms and why do establishments use them? There are a number of different alarms that a shop uses and these serve to keep the store and the people in them safe. Alarms that can be found in stores include fire alarms, smoke detectors, anti-theft alarms and security alarms for when the store is closed. All of these different kinds of alarms serve to protect the store in one way or another.

Anti theft or anti burglary alarms are put into place by shop owners to help protect the merchandise in the shop from being stolen. These shop alarms are used by a lot of stores these days, aside from the security cameras that are placed all over the stores, to help keep them from losing money. How an anti theft alarm works is simple to understand. You may have seen those little magnetic tags on clothes or those small tags that are made of plastic dangling from the merchandise in the store. Unless these magnetic tags are removed or the items are scanned into the register, when these items are taken out of the store, the alarm will sound.

Other shop alarms that help to protect people, and even merchandise, are smoke detectors and fire alarms. These kinds of early warning devices are put into place to warn people when there is a possibility of a fire. These alarms sound when smoke is present and if there is a need, sprinklers douse the place to keep things from burning and sound alarms go off to alert people of the danger of a possible fire.

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