The Simple Truth About Shopping Bags

  • September 5, 2018

Those who own a dollar store realize the significant amount of money that can be wasted when a poorly thought out and implemented plan for bagging shopper purchases has been implemented. On the one hand there is the waste of money associated with placing dollar store sales into a shopping bag that is just plain too big for the job. Often shoppers will fish out the small item and toss the shopping bag onto the ground or into a trash can as soon as they leave the store.

On the other hand there is also the waste associated with attempting to use a shopping bag that is too small or light weight for the job. As the customer grabs their purchase, everything comes tumbling through a hole in the bag. After repacking in a more appropriate shopping bag, the customer final gets to leave and those waiting in-line are finally served.

If you own a dollar store, purchase the right sizes and weights to handle all packaging duties for each dollar store sale made in your store. The single most important part of this task is making sure you have the right bags for all dollar store sales made in your store. In fact, be sure you are continually examining ways to cut the number of size options. Look for ways to exchange a seldom used size for one that fills a gap in your store needs. Some of the basic sizes to use are:

T-shirt bags – even t-shirt bags come in varied sizes and weights. Don’t use the lightest weights, as you will soon find everything being double bagged before it leaves your store.

Greeting card size bags – dollar store sales volume associated with greeting cards should continually grow for your store. Avoid spending extra money bagging greeting cards in over sized bags. Purchase a smaller, greeting card sized bag and save.

Extra-large shopping bags – t-shirt bags are the least expensive option to handle most purchases. However shoppers will increase the quantity of items purchased during the holidays. They also often want to make sure items are not visible to their children. Meet this need by having large, solid colored bags for just this purpose.

Very small bags – If you sell a great deal of cosmetics, jewelry and other small items, carrying bags even smaller than those used for greeting cards may be the best and least expensive answer to this need.

Always be on the lookout for the best deals. Shopping bags can add 3, 4, 5-cents or even more to the cost of each dollar store sale made in your store. With hundreds of customers, this becomes significant.

Don’t lose site of the environment. Work to bring in reusable shopping bags. Encourage shoppers to bring their own reusable bags as well. Avoid double bagging unless it is absolutely necessary. Often the cost of a much heavier duty t-shirt bag is small when compared to the costs associated with double bagging purchases.

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